We moved house at the beginning of this year, and I have not settled in completely until recently.  My attempts to make our new house a home have included gathering house plants on various window sills, adding little funny rugs to the ends of beds, and putting up paintings and pictures on all the hooks and nails scattered all over the walls.  It is feeling more and more cosy especially now as spring is here, and the sun is flooding through the curtains.  

Belle and Arlo are happy here now, but it took some getting used to for them.  They are such home bodies and loved their old home, so Belle had me draw a plan of the old house so we don't forget it, and then one day we can build our very own home just as it was.  

She lost her first tooth recently, and the tooth fairy sent her $2 for her tooth, and she was so excited in the morning, and gave me the $2 saying "Mummy! Now we can buy our own house in Sydney!"  I love the gorgeous minds of children, and their generous and sometimes naive thoughts.  She need not know how much houses cost yet!