Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015! After a busy end of year and so much celebrating, I am thrilled to enter the New Year and all the wonderful possibilities it affords. 

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who came out to see my stall at the Finders Keepers Market in Sydney before Christmas.  I had an amazing time across the weekend and met some very lovely people, and all the comments and support I received - Thank you!  To all my lovely customers, you are wonderful and I hope you are super happy with your wares, and a big shout out to Jade Suine and Laura Samperi for helping me bump in on Friday, hanging with me at the stall and packing up on Saturday evening - I love you both heaps!

Finders Keepers 2014
Finders Keepers 2014 Detail

On a more personal note, this year will see my daughter Belle head off to her first year of school, which is completely overwhelming and wonderful.  I am excited for her as she seems very ready for this new adventure, and I think she will transition smoothly to her kindergarten class.  Last year she attend pre-school lessons at the same school two days each week, so she is familiar with the school and the children in her class - the most exciting thing for her I think, is the school uniform - Purple!

With her big leaps forward, I think dear Arlo will be challenged as his big sister leaves to go to school.  I keep reminding myself that he will be learning to build friendships of his own at his daycare, away from Belle, and becoming a bit more independent is a necessary part of growing up, but it is hard to see him yearning to be with his big sister.  He wants so badly to grow up quickly!  I even measured them both on the wall the other day and he was so disappointed that he was not as tall as Belle, he cried and cried about it.  It is going to be an interesting February!

Professionally, I have some exciting projects that I am working on in the first few months of this year, and I feel renewed with energy for these.  I am working on a new series of illustrations in the studio at the moment, as well as a few projects under wraps that I can't wait to see to fruition.  My work will be a part of the upcoming Salon at Supergraph: Australiaโ€™s contemporary graphic art fair that celebrates design, print and illustration.   You will be able to buy signed A3 prints of my work at the fair in Melbourne across the 13th, 14th & 15th of February - I am sure it will be a fantastic event!  And I hope to see everyone in Sydney again for the autumn Finder Keepers Market in May.   

I really hope this year is your most wonderful yet - it has all the potential for greatness!  xx h

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Arlo 2014