A productive winter

It is mid-winter here in Canberra, and I am almost always waking in a cloud of fog, the garden all frosty, and ice on the back steps.  You can go into the garden and pick leaves off trees and watch them shatter like thin flakes of ice in your hand.  It is beautiful - and cold.

First thing every morning, I run out to put the heater on in the lounge room, and then get little socks to cover little feet.  Then tea.  By the time the kettle boils, the house is getting warmer and we sit and have weetbix together.

It has been a busy few of months, but I am excited to say that I have just opened up my new shop with a whole range of new products in the store.  I also have some new items coming in the next few weeks - limited edition tea towels and a gorgeous cushion, new art prints and a range of postcards.  Dormant winter has actually been a very productive time!

Square finders keepers 079.jpg