Small offerings

The days are passing quickly now, rolling on towards Easter.  The mornings are dark and cold, and I long to stay in under the covers, but am woken by small children full of energy for the day. 

Belle came in to me early the other morning and whispered: "Mummy, can I draw on your hand?"

"Sure Darling", I replied and I pushed my warm hand out from under the covers toward her.  She is sweet and gentle when she wakes, all busy, with long hair falling everywhere and ideas coming faster and faster. 

She took a green texta and drew a small stem and a leaf on the palm of my hand.  She then showed me her hand, on which she had drawn the petals of a yellow daisy.  She held my hand tight and said: "Now we can hold hands and make a flower!"

I am in love with her beautiful mind and her strong love, and I am so grateful for her presence in my life.