New skills

Lately, I have been spending time painting at home with Belle and Arlo, finishing off some old watercolour palettes on the dining table.  It is lovely to see them both quietly sitting together talking about what they are creating.  Belle is learning how to mix colours and is proudly just starting to write her name while Arlo is mastering the circle.

When Belle first learnt about watercolours, I remember teaching her to wet her brush and carry the water to the dry pans.  If the pans were not wet, then the pigment would not be released and so she could not pick up colour on her brush to paint with.  A simple blob of water mixed with the dry pigment soon got the colour flowing so she could paint.  This seems like such a long time ago, and now Arlo is learning this very same skill. 

I sat watching them this morning and something magical swooped up under me so fast, and I stopped still.  I watched Belle load up her brush with water and as she lifted the brush to exit the water jar, she softly pushed the brush against its lip to release a small amount of water back into the container.  She was measuring out how much water she needed in her brush, rather than just carrying any amount to her palette.  I watched her again and again measuring out how much water to load in between the fine bristles, to mix her desired consistency of paint. 

In this moment, I saw her skills had changed.  She had learnt something about the technique of painting, which I had not taught her, but rather something she had instinctually learnt herself.  It resonated with me, in me.  A skill I take for granted, that I don't even think about, and that she does not think about either.  It is so lovely to see her grow, and to realise that she is learning things that are unspoken every day.

Such wonders, h x